Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yahoo Question and Answer

Surfing the net today and was checking why Yahoo is not indexing this blog and came across Yahoo answers. What interested me about yahoo answers is that its like a game where the object its to answer questions and so get credits.

It will also give me material to write on this blog. So in the next few weeks I am going to post the questions and answers from my time at Yahoo Answer.

From the website Yahoo! Answers offers an easy way to share facts, opinions, and personal experiences on any topic from the serious to the irresistibly trivial. You get real answers from real people in an easy-to-use, privacy-protected, and spam-protected environment.
Yahoo! Answers lets you:

* Post questions to get answers from the world wide Answers community.
* Answer open questions to share what you know.
* Browse resolved questions to discover something new.
* Vote on undecided questions to help choose the best answer.
* Rate and add comments to the best answers.


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