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Reggie Bush vs Vince Young

I havent written an article on Vince Young for awhile and as Vince has just finished his last opportunity to impress the Texans, I thought I might add some more info that isn't already included in my mock draft.

I think it is nearly a slam dunk that Houston will choose Reggie Bush and it is the logical choice as with choosing Vince you risk the snickers from the media and even a significant number of texan supporters. So really picking Reggie Bush is nearly risk free.

I dont think Tennessee will choose Vince young but really who is going to win between Reggie Bush/David Carr vs Vince Young and Co.

As no one can seems to find fault with Reggie Bush going to texans I might as well make some up.

1. Three of Reggie Bush's offensive line will be going in the first day of the draft and is rated by some as the best ever. So Bush's running lanes were bigger then normal
2. Performed in an offense that has record setters in Quarterback and Running back so three pronged attack. So opposing defenses couldn't key on one area
3. Gary Kubiak and Reggie Bush will signicantly help David Carr but I still cant see David Carr winning big games
4. Reggie Bush hype machine. Bush had the second most first-place votes in the history of Heisman voting, even though Leinart, White and offensive line are significant parts of the USC Team. Would Bush still have won the heisman after the Rose bowl. I would also bet the majority of the people that chose Bush in the heisman are communicating why Vince Young shouldnt be picked first.

5. Reduced value of runningback in NFL because
- Defenses are stronger in defending the run
- Rules have moved away from Runnning back and more to helping wide received eg Holding in the offensive line and new bump and run laws for corners
- Using platoons of Running back so moving away from one team one running back
- Offensive lines play has a more significant effect on Running backs yardage
- Easier to find a running back in the lower rounds of the draft
- Defensive players are getting bigger and stronger so causing more damage to Running backs.

6. Reggie Bush's lateral in the Rose Bowl
7. Karma of replacing a hometown hero especially now Vince has stated that he will support Bush because he plays for his team the texans.

In the end it comes down to what would Vince Young have to do to be drafted above Reggie Bush. Have the highest passers rating as a quarteback, beat Reggies Bush in one the greatest college performances ever, ??. If vince young was faster then Bush the talking heads whould still say that Bush should be chosen ahead of Young

Why do I care and blog about this in Fiji. Because Vince Young came into my radar when I watched him dominate Michigan in the 2005 Rose Bowl and then the ESPN saying that USC was the best team ever really pissed me off. In my opinion what is happending to Vince Young is similar especially with the Houston angle. I suppose if Texans wasnt choosing first then this wouldnt be an issue with me.

Okay three weeks to go to see what is going to happen. Interesting the Vince young has nearly double the amount of news articles then Reggie Bush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey George,

It confuses me why you believe the Texans should pass on Reggie Bush. I understand that you believe they should not take Bush becuase they already have a decent running back in Davis. But in football you need two dominant running backs. If the Texans drafted Bush, they could easily get rid of Davis for draft picks and I honestly believe Davis is overrated. He averages a weak 4.2 yards per gain. Also, you should never pass on a man who runs the 40 in 4.33 seconds.

If I was the general manager of the Texans, I would either keep the pick and draft Bush or trade down if I do not get trade value for Davis. The Texans have a lot more issues than quarterback. Speaking of quarterback, I would not pick a guy first based on one game. Sure he had an amazing game, but look at what happened to Michael Vick, a dominant college player but an average NFL quarterback. Young would increase the franchise image because he is from Texas and he is a fast quarterback, but his style of play does not fit in Houston. Why not just draft a running back who can run you down the field. It would be dumb to pass up on someone with the amount of potential like Bush.

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