Friday, March 31, 2006

Joakim Noah - Florida Marches On

It was a few months ago that Bill Simmons mentioned that Yannick Noah's son Joakim Noah was playing college ball. I was interested as I am Yannick fan especially when I was watching a UB40 concert and Yannick Noah started dancing on the bar in front of me. I just thought this guy is cool.

I watched highlights of a florida game and saw this ponytailed guy jumping around and getting into everyones faces. It wasnt until the Villanova win that I realised that guy's Yannicks son and is killing the competition.

Joakim Noah is the type of player I like the one the brings energy to the team and helps out everywhere. I got a feeling due to his background that he is a dont give a f-- type of player which makes him even more dangerous. Dont think he can bring that energy for a whole season in NBA but I would still pick him first.

As florida beat my favourite team Georgetown then I will pick them the rest of the way. George Mason will not be able to shoot the same three's against Florida.

I followed chris jackson at LSU through sports magazines and the only UCLA I remember is Woodens UCLA. So I am hoping LSU gets through and will see how Glen "Big Baby" Davis can handle Joakim

I watched all the final four games last year and hopefully I will be able to watch them again this year.


Just watched Florida play George Mason, Joakim must have one of the ugliest shoting styles, why I am I pimping college players that have unorthodox styles. Some of the commentator just dont get it. When George Mason went on a run they commented on how George Mason is starting to pick there shots better etc. when the real reason was Joakim was on the bench for a break. Good to see Yannick watching in florida colors were as the other famous fathers dressed normal.

Not sure if Joakim is Number one pick material and dont know why I would say to pick him first without watching him play.

More info on Joakim, his mother was miss sweden, went to cameroon last year to see his grandfather and played street ball at Ruckers New York before the season started. Has dissed the NBA in saying that its boring to watch and gave the DVD Fahrenheit 9/11 to his coash so they could discuss the contents.

Watched UCLA vs LSU, watched LSU come out and they just looked to cocky for me. Its going to be a hard game for Florida as their inside strength will be negated. Should be a good game though

Florida wins the NCAA tournament and great team performance. Took a break from work to watch the match. I took to much weigh of UCLA's forwards performance against LSU

Joakim Highlights
  • Assists the guards in trapping defense and then runs back and tries to steal the ball after trap is beaten then Joakim run backs and to his centre position.
  • Any of his six blocks
  • UCLA player embarasses him by dunking over him and then he then takes the ball back and scores
  • Dribbling like a guard
  • Told brewer off after a selfish act
  • Multiple screens in freeing up Florida's guards.

Okay I think Joakim will stay another year in college, brewer will go to the NBA not sure about the others though. Joakim NBA value is really that he makes people like brewer play more team orientated basketball. Joakim still needs to learn how to score to be a francise player so the extra years in college will really help him.

Good that Georgetown the the only team that nearly beat florida was the other team which I liked and is heavily into team work.


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