Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Catechins from grean tea improves memory

An intersting article from digg that states that Green tea catechins may improve reference and working-memory related learning ability, say research from Japan, adding to claims that green tea can help ward off Alzheimerâs.

The global tea market is worth about €790 (£540, $941) million, with green tea accounting for about 20 per cent of total global production, while black tea accounts for about 78 per cent.

Green tea is said to contain over four times the concentration of antioxidant catechins than black tea (green tea leaves that have been oxidized by fermentation), about 70 mg catechins per 100 mL compared to 15 mg per 100 mL for black tea.

We have green tea in our Office but I drink around 4 cups of coffee a day. We drink a lot of tea in the village because it is cheaper the coffee. In the village we aslo drink tea from lemon leafs and coboi. I am alway interested in eating food that improve brain functions and is one of the reasons I suffer through sardines

So I am going to try Green tea tommorow.


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