Monday, March 20, 2006

PTI - World Baseball Classic Cuba vs Japan

As I previously blogged Cuba needed to be invited to the WBC and now they are in the final of the World Baseball Classic against Japan. If I had to pick countries outside of the USA that have large Baseball talent it would have been Japan, Cuba having the best leagues where Dominicans have the best raw talent.

US’s results and Japan and Koreas results supports my arguments on how team chemistry and structure is more significant than talent on the team. I am not sure why US sports punters were not interested in the WBC where nearly all comment from the WBC players were very positive. There are arguments about timing but the results of the WBC must really put into question the name World Series. USA results also show why the Yankees haven’t won the World Series this century.

For me it really shows how marketing of individuals has really effected some of the main team sports in US. Examples are USA Basketball getting beaten in the last Olympics, USA Hockey Team losing its final four games and now USA Baseball losing to Canada, Mexico and Korea.

I always thought the WBC will become huge, as of now you can’t argue its relevance especially as the majority the sporting talking heads have been against the WBC. But there is nothing like supporting your country in a sport, that is why in Fiji we have public holidays when our Rugby Sevens teams win the Rugby Sevens World Cup.

NCAA Tournament is looking good, I got interested in the NCAA tournament when Andrew Gaze was playing for Seton Hall against Glen Rice’s Michigan. Still not sure why Gaze was used on defense as his main value was offense.

Good to see the Mid Major teams doing well but my best result so far is Georgetown where John Thompson jnr is showing how the Princeton method can be used in a predominately black team. I hope Georgetown does well and I am guessing that jnr will be a successful NBA coach.

One of my biggest perception breaking experiences was when John Thompson snr was coaching a nearly all black Olympic basketball team of college players and you could argue that dan majerle was one of their best players. Interesting how John Thompson III seems to have gone a different approach in his basketball methodology.

I think I have already posted about Duke winning the NCAA tournament a few weeks back so will stick with Duke in the Tournament.

Still trying to write a post on Bonds steroid abuse but the whole topic of steroids in sport has so many layers of grey


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