Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blog Update: Getting back on the Horse

Interesting that I now have around 400 posts, more then 100 unique visitors a day for the blog but no one but my nuclear family knows that I am blogging. Postiphobia in terms of telling my friends and sackaphobia in terms of informing my workmates.

Given up on blog that uses txt messages, I think it’s ahead of its time, I would bet though in the future people will be communicating more using txt English and so search for words using sms language.

I been using the usenet/internet since late 1980’s and would be in the top percentage of internet usage in Fiji. But if you do a google search of my name there are no hits in Google only some references in Google groups, classic case of postiphobia.

Bale (Wife) is now asking questions on google search and its making my life more complicated. I agree with the idea that ignorance is bliss. Its all cool bale is now emailing me stuff and hopefully soon she can start reading my blog. Fiji Family used to only read my blog when I asked them to click Google Adds.

Interesting that I got a comment that I am turning into a writer. That can’t be right as I failed English in my last year of High School. I also remember a comment from my computer teacher that I wouldn’t be able to have a career in IT and my Home Economics teacher said I was going to leave school and be unemployed by the time I was sixteen.

Appealed decision for the Google Adsense banning so we will see how that ends up.
Will be posting more regularly but not going to worry about structuring posts to get more visitors until I am able to find a good adsense replacement or my adsense appeal is approved

Its time to jump back on the horse and finish this Blogging Experiment.


Anonymous peceliand wendy said...

Dear George,
I gave your old IT teacher your blogsite so he might be reading your stuff! He's a member of our book club. Ha ha! I remember that cooking teacher and what she thought of the three lads who lived in the manse near the school and reckoned they were chauvinists!
I'm having trouble with iprimus - noise on the phone, so internet won't open most of the time, and now it is so so slow. A voice came out of the modem but I couldn't understand it. An apology I suppose.

11:20 am  

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