Sunday, March 12, 2006

Julian Beever 3D Pavement Art

I have been checking some blogs at blogexplosion and found some amazing pavement art. The artist Julian Beever uses Anamorphic illusions which is pavement art drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint.

I am a fan of graffiti art so it was a good find. The following are some of the best pavement illusions.

Picture below fooled jordan as he didnt pick the real person

My favourite picture from Beever. Not sure if the coke bottle is real or not

Probably the best in terms of depth illusion.

All in all pretty cool art and first time I heard the word awesome from jordan


Blogger Pete Rahon said...

great works here, i like the graffiti arts and your nice logo. dropping by to say hello and inviting you to check out my blog - good wishes!

10:46 pm  
Blogger Erin said...

Those are just soooo cool. I'd love to see one in person!

3:58 pm  

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