Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blog Update: Imaginary Horse

It must be blogging burnout as I havent posted in a while. I think after the google fiasco it has sapped the majority of my motivation. Well I finally got one sale from Amazon so with that one dollar comission from my WWE blog, I have hope again.

Been spending majority of time working and looking at old sites that I used to frequent. It seems my previous luck of picking things has gone totally down hill after Duke didnt make the final four.

A significant amount of spare time has been at BlogMad playing promisance. Have three more days to go and will see how much of the turns I have bought will come back to me. Game reminds me of when I was hooked on a text turn based in the BBS days. Game lasts a month and I will be able to get it out of my system in the next few days.

BBC is now showing Hardtalk and hour earlier. This means I can blog about Hardtalk which is a good thing.

The following is what I am going to put at the end of my blog. Still not sure if its ethical that I have got the animated "click me" in the animated gif

Why is the title imaginary horse is because my last blog update I said I was going to get back on my horse and as I didnt it must have been imaginary.


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