Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Google Analytics vs Extreme Tracking vs Site Meter vs Performance Metrics

Google Analytics has just given me an invitation to join. Just been using Analytics for half a day and all I can say is wow. A lot of good reporting stuff but it seems the main focus is for adword campaigns. It would have been really good if I still had adsense and my dream was still alive. I am pretty jealous seeing in googles blog how other people are now doing well using adsense. But I suppose their could be a way of using adwords and amazon adds that would be profitable.

Okay currenlty I have Extreme Tracking, Site Meter and Performance Metrics installed in this blog but really the one I access the most is Site Meter. Performance Metrics is good in terms of incorporating several blogs into one access point.

Google Analytics covers Performance Metrics and Extreme Tracking functionality where the only benefit I can see for Site Meter is the ability to see who is currently accessing the blog.

Been using Google Analytics for nearly a week and its actually fun to use as there are so many rerpoting options in terms of slicing and dicing. Only complaint is that its a bit slow in updating stats.


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