Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bill Gates: How I Work

The following link is on how Bill Gates work. The info I got from the article was gates receives email from his friends and summarised versions from his assistant. Look like Gates is nearly in a paperless office. Interesting is the disconnect from Gates perception of work within microsoft compares to the previous discussion by microsoft employees we read last week.

Technology Gates use are

Dell desktop and motion tablet pc both running windows XP
Three NEC 21-inch monitors that serves as a single desktop
Microsoft wireless mouse
Logitech camera

Outlook, Sharepoint, OneNote and communicator

One of my old staff who is now a manager of a company, has set up himself with a similar setup, multi monitors, tablet pc and video conferencing camera. I think in the next budget I am going to get myself some multi monitors. Not sure the value of tablet pc's.

The way I work is I just have a wireless notebook, whiteboard, I have been taking a notebook to nearly all meetings for the last three years. Only time I write is for approving leave, signing checks and claims. Example is a meeting I had a few days ago with our lawyer, I took my diary and the pages was blank for the last few weeks.

I hardly ever print stuff as everything is emailed and we discuss stuff from projector after emailing the details. Only writing would be on whiteboards.

I think Gates work environment is pretty cool and is something I would aim for if I had the resources, only difference is a fourth monitor to hook up tivo programs of ESPN.


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