Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday - Kids take over the Church

Jordan and Andrew have been regularly going to Sunday School and as they were both taking part in church today, we went. It has been a long time since I have been to church, I was amazed how many kids were at church. I think church attendance in Fiji is not threatened like developed nations. Main threats in Fiji are pentacostal denominations taking methodist numbers but that is not case for Butt Street which seems to be increasing.

It was palm Sunday so jordan had a part in a play where he was God. We practices at least ten time where he knew his parts off by heart. But when it came downt it Jordan go scared so read his part. Mike didnt work which also stressed him out. I was very proud of him though. Best part of church for me is singing so that was a good experience.

The whole service was conducted by Sunday School. As tradition in Fiji is that kids take of over the church service for palm sunday. The service was was okay but seemed disjointed. At least I got to see Jordan take part in a play.

I can't remember our Sunday Schools taking over the church service on Palm Sunday and would be interested on why Kids take over the church on Palm Sunday


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George, Children's Sunday is a Fiji Methodist custom and I haven't seen it here in Australia except for Fijian migrant churches. Good for children to act in plays and if they freeze, that's part of their learning. Thanks for the post. We had a short drama here yesterday for Palm Sunday but with six adults. Alas, there are very very few kids in our church these days.

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