Sunday, April 16, 2006

Itunes – Burning Music

On the trip from Suva and Nadi there is a two hour stretch that you can’t listen to the radio. As my Xtrail has a inbuilt sterio system that can store six cd’s I thought I should burn some music to take with me.

I have a limewire/ripped collection of around 1,500 MP3 but usually only listen to the songs using my MP3 player or my notebook. So there has only been a few times when I burn MP3’s to CD’s but I have never created an audio CD.

So just before I left work to take the Family to nadi I burn’t two CD. I tried using Nero but it gave me an error message concerning not working with Sony products. My workmate told me to use Itunes to create the CD’s. I use Itunes to listen to my using and have spend many hours rating my song collection.

The process was very easy were the only catch was a message stating that Itunes wasn’t able to fit all the songs I chose into one CD. After deleting several’s selections I then realised it would be better if the selections go over more then on CD so ended up creating two CD’s.

I never realised how easy it is to burn music and Itunes makes it intuitive eg
  1. Make a playlist
  2. Put in the blank CD
  3. Select songs from the playlist
  4. Press the Burn button
  5. Eight minutes later you have your music CD

Took around 15 minutes to burn and both CD’s worked in the Xtrail. So everything was cool until I realised that I didn’t burn any UB40 songs. So after 40 minute drive I stopped the car at my brothers house, opened up my laptop burn’t another CD full of UB40 songs and went off.

Very cool road trip in terms of me and my family listening/singing to my favourite songs. What made it even better was Bale organised water bottles full of ice coffee, sandwiches and fruit. There was also a torrential downpour for part of the trip

We stayed with Bale’s brother inlaw in Nadi who was an Irishman. Someone got him CD of old irish songs on the condition that he makes a copy and gives the original back to the owner of the CD. So I made a copy for him and the whole process only took around 20 minutes. This was my first time in creating a copy of music CD’s

supposed music from CD’s is old school as most people now use mp3 players like ipods but there still will be a need for music from CD in the last generation of vehicles and old stereos.


Anonymous George said...

Another one hour road trip and bale's son has just identified that the buttons on the stearing wheel are in relation to the sterio in terms of volume, changing tracks or radio stations. Pretty cool

12:05 am  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I hope that the lad doesn't think he can drive the car as well? At what age can people get their 'L' plates in Fiji?

10:38 am  
Blogger YD said...

Itunes... I happen to be considering which media players to use... Windows media player/ real player/ itunes? a considering factor is that I have quite a large number of m4a (aac) which WMP does not recognize... grww...

any advice?

4:57 am  

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