Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nissan Xtrail vs Toyota RAV4

After driving the Xtrail for a few weeks I thought I might as well post a review about the xtrail and compare it to my RAV4 driving experience.

Driving the Xtrail is bigger so you are sitting up higher, it looks better from the exterior and it has leather seats and one the biggest sun roofs I have seen. So driving the Xtrail feels cooler and you get more stares.

The Xtrail is a bit two wide and long so not very good for manouvering and it feels like it may tip over when speeding around corners. The front windows view is also not as good as the RAV4 as it obstructed by the frame of the windscreen.

Xtrail has much more torque but I don't need a fast car and dont take many risks so this is not an issue with me. Due to the size of the xtrail it is much easier to drive RAV4 in small streets and parking.

Alot more space in the xtrail so good for Fijian sized people.

Four Wheel Driving
I have driven the RAV4 on some of the worst roads in Fiji and the RAV4 has handled it well. XTrail doesnt feel like it would be able to handle the roads the same.

Fuel Efficiency
Both cars eat fuel but as I try and save fuel by rolling down hills, the RAV4 is much better at rolling as the XTrail seems to slow down the car when going down a hill.

Experience at my work is Xtrail, Prado and Honda CRV has been taken to the mechanic several times where the RAV4 was not. But that could be more to do with the way my workmates used the vehicles.

X Factor
Sterio is louder in the RAV4 but able to move seats electronically in the Xtrail and the ability to store six cds and control the music through the steering wheel

Based on the above I would say the RAV4 is a better vehicle to use in Fiji but I like the xtrail because of ability to have six cds and control the music through the steering wheel and the ego factor. But if I had to buy a vehicle with my own money I would purchase the Rav4


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

George, If I was buying a car in Fiji, and had the money, I'd go for the RAV4. Streets in Suva are so congested that a large vehicle just won't fit easily. And many drivers in Suva take so many risks! I'm sure they don't get their licenses doing proper tests!

10:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George your xtrail is slower down hills because the awd system is engaged. This is a safety feature. Throw it into neutral, you will note the difference. As for the offroad capabilities, you may have blind confidence in the RAV, but that is all it is. The X Trail is a much better vehicle in rough terrain and weather. Check out some videos on YouTube and you will get a much better appreciation of what the X Trail can actually do.

11:55 pm  

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