Sunday, April 23, 2006

2006 NBA Finals Preview

NBA Finals have started and might as well add my predictions. I havent really followed Basketball much this year mainly just comments from PTI, Around the Horn, Sportscentre and the Internet. I gave up on my Fantasy basketball team after Artest was suspended and Yao ming got injured.

I am not going to go through all the teams just state who I think the final four will be.

So what has changed from last year
  • Pistons seem stronger and the Heat weaker,
  • Spurs stronger but Duncan is injured,
  • Mavericks kept the same team and Avery and Dirk have both improved
  • Sun lost a lot of players but Nash still seems to be the foundation
  • Kobe is on fire and Jackson has got the rest of the Lakers to support him
  • Lebron is continuing his path to another level
  • Carmelo is trying to displace Horry as the person to ice teams in the final minutes.
  • Dwayne Wade is now confirmed as my favourite player

I have always blogged about team chemistry as what is going to get you a championship so that knocks out Kobe, Lebron, Vince, Arenas and Carmelo's team.

From what I remember the best NBA teams in the finals that follow the team structure that I think is important are Suns, Mavericks, Pistons, Clippers and maybe the Heat (Depends on Walker and Payton).

So four of above teams should make it into the final four where I hope the Mavericks end up winning the NBA Championship. I have always like avery and think Cuban gets it as an NBA owner.

I am very interested in the first round in the NBA playoffs which I havent been in a number of years. It also seems to happen every year that people are writing about the demise of Shaq before the finals. I am predicting that Shaq will do well in the finals.


Anonymous ed bacchus said...

You bet the Mavs will win it all. Can't wait for tonight's game and go up 2-0. Looking at the arena right now.

(Avery Johnson Fan For Life)

11:26 am  

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