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Hispanic illegal Immigration

As illegal immigrant are marching in USA to enable them to work in the USA I will put in my take on this issue.

In Australia there is significant number of illegal immigrant's from the pacific islands which is why it very hard for Fijians to get visas in Australia. My parents help illegal immigrant with their Visa problems in Australia. In Australia once you are found to be an illegal immigrant you are immediately sent to a detention centre.

In Fiji it is very hard to migrate here even though there are no visa requirements for visiting, but there are a significant number of chinese that have illegally migrated and have paid off immigration officials. One of the largest sectors of the economy is remittances from overseas workers eg Security in Iraq and Care Givers in US so having allowing illegal immigrants to work in developed countries is good for the Fijies economies.

But Illegal immigrants being able to strike and march on their working conditions is illogical to me. For me it shows another example of what’s wrong with the Bush administration in allowing illegal activities for political gain.

In BBC radio they are saying the one message that the march organisers are trying to say is that “You can’t cope without us”. The message “You can’t cope without me” is one I hear a lot from staff who think they are indispensable, sorry no one is indispensable it just means we will work with more risk but work seems to balance out in the end.

The strike/march is a sign of the hispanic power that is growing in America, my take on the difference between the hispanic immigrants and other immigrants in the US is that the Hispanic immigrants don’t assimilate like other immigrants, like second and third generation children from hispanic countries continue to frame themselves more in their country of origins then their new country.

The main threat to the current US culture is language, as language defines the way you think and what you can think about. So if the growing trend of Spanish being the main language of US Citizens then I can see two distinct cultures being developed in the US. This will mean more clashes between the cultures and will probably have a negative effect in US’s progress.

How does this relate to Illegal Immigration is because if the hispanic community is becoming a political force and are more worried about their brothers from countries of origin. The next step from allowing illegal Immigrants to work is not to have immigration at all. As if anyone can work in any country what’s the use of immigration.

But their could be an argument that having no borders is good for the global economy but I am against it as it means that indigenous people will start to lose their power and culture. Interesting that the children of US settlers now get to feel what happened to the indigenous Indians.

Note: I am biased in that free worker rights for illegal immigrants in the US means it will be easier for wife to be a care giver in the US which means more money for my family


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Money ain't everything George!

Re the illegal Pacific Islanders in Australia. Yes, it is getting difficult for young single people to even get a visitor visa because others have given Pacific Islanders the reputation of breaking their visa conditions. Your parents don't harbour 'illegals' George, but will tell people their options, and most times it is not to break the law! There are all kinds of tricks people get up to, calling themselves Aboriginals, etc. etc.

It's a great pity that John Howard and Alexander Downer have a strong view against short-term fruit-picking visitors from Fiji etc. That would solve lots of problems.
But seems that they can spend millions on sending 'experts' in law and order to the islands, but not think seriously about mobility of labour.
W.PS We have a site meter now, so it will be embarrassing to finally realize nobody is reading babasiga!

6:36 pm  
Blogger laminar_flow said...

Hey Wendy,

Get Syndicated for more readers.

RE: Immigration Marches. Notice no Fiji flags. I guess the Fiji population is a drop in the ocean compared with the Hispanics.

A stop gap measure for "Invasion Assimilation" is the English criteria in U.S Immigration Reform Bill and is receiving flak as against principles of Human Rights.

11:34 am  

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