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Da Vinci Code is it Blasfemy against Christians

Currently in the Pacific their is a movement to ban the movie on Da Vinci Code as it is seen as blasfemy or sacriligious.

I have read the book and may watch the movie when it comes out in DVD. I also still haven't watched Passion of the Christ even though we have a copy at home.

From wiki the definition of blasfemy it really depends on the type of religion where for islam "Blasphemy" constitutes speaking ill of Muhammad, of any other prophet mentioned in the Qur'an, or of any Biblical prophets"

From the catholic dictionary Blasphemy may be of three kinds.

1. It is heretical when the insult to God involves a declaration that is against faith, as in the assertion: "God is cruel and unjust" or "The noblest work of man is God".

2. It is imprecatory when it would cry a malediction upon the Supreme Being as when one would say: "Away with God".

3. It is simply contumacious when it is wholly made up of contempt of, or indignation towards, God, as in the blasphemy of Julian the Apostate: "Thou has conquered, O Galilaean".

So is it blasfemous to state that Jesus had a wife and children. I think it really depends if your interpretation of christianity finds that statement offensive or not. I find it interesting that in the bible it does not state the jesus was not married and could easily see any text of the union being written out of the testaments when it was consolidated in the bible.

I like arguing the contents of the Da Vinci Code with my catholic friend who is able to discuss it rationally compared to some other catholics that I know of. I actually believe that parts of the book might be plausible and it doesnt really bother me if Jesus was married.

I also have no problems with people demonstrating against the film Da Vinci Code as its about time the christians start reacting to people offending christianity. If christians dont show that they can be offended then that line of what is a Blasphemous act will keep on moving.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I love your spelling George! Keep up the unpredictability of it!

Well, well, the movie is out and the local paper critic said it's "Race around the world for religious fanatics' - though I don't think it's particularly for the religiously inclined. It's more like a jigsaw puzzle.

We were talking about it at a kava party last night. K said the book wasn't very good at all, not even a good thriller. I liked the book with its twists and turns, and of course it is fiction and not meant to really be factual, though Dan Brown's wife does all of his research on possibilities and what if's and secret societies.

I wouldn't march against the film because it's a good talking point. Those who don't want to even question the possibility that Jesus was a very close friend of Mary of Magdala perhaps need to be able to answer those who suggest that Jesus may have been married to her. I reckon a church group could actually go and see the film (because critics usually haven't even read the book, let alone seen the movie) and then have a talk fest afterwards. Talk about what they really do believe anyway.

As for Mel Gibson's film, well I do draw the line at his interpretation and all that violence!

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