Saturday, May 27, 2006

PTI - Rajah Bell vs Kobe Bryant

Rajah Bell was inteviewed on Pardon the Interruption and it was one of the best interviews. Good to see a professional sportsman giving honest answers.

Main points from the interview where
  • Steve Nash carries the phoenix suns on his back and his value to the team is in uniting all players in the team in a single goal
  • Rajah Bell only knows kobe bryant through the game and he thinks kobe is pompous and arrogant
  • He does not regret clothes lining kobe in the final, only that he was suspended one game
  • His mum asked kobe if he needs a hug after kobe commented that Rajah needed more hugs as a kid
  • Rajah played european basketball with Boris Diaw and Diaw is currently the mvp of the finals

My sport ramblings

As I predicted the me first players teams are no longer representing.

I am supporting the Dallas Mavericks but if the Suns end up winning this series then the Nash debate for MVP should be moot.

Detroit should beat the Heat but I could easily see a team of Mourning, Williams, Payton and Antoine walker be a first team that would perform adequately in the NBA.

I am geeting geeked for the 2006 World Cup and Australia beating greec in a friendly is a good sign.

Watching the Duke Lacrosse rape case you can usually tell what the comments will be by what race the tv commentator is. This shows the hypocritical stance a lot of black commentators are as they reasonings is now opposite to allaged rape charges against kobe.

I still can't motivate myself to comment on Barry Bonds


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