Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Look US Basketball Team for the World Championship

Good article at espn concerning the team of the Basketball World Championship.

It seems the team is aiming for phoenix type of offence and Duke defense. When Gilber Arenas commented that he will do whatever the team asks for him like taking charges. Gilber Arenas saying he will take changes!!!

The team have solid players in kingrich, paul, battier, brand and miller and excitement of lebron, wade and carmelo. It will be interesting to see who takes the last few shots if the games gets close. The gang should defer to wayde as he has the ring. But if the team passes it around to find the best shot, then this is the team that should represent the US in the Olympics

I have always considered Mike Krzyzewski one of the best coaches in sport and it will depend if the players respect him during the comp. I really like this team because there doesnt seem to be any of the me first veterans, me first rookies are much easier to tame then the veterans. This could actually lead to Lebron, Carmelo and Arenas change they way they play going forward which will be good for their teams.

Anyway depending on the odds I migh have a bet on the USA team winning the world championship, only question I have is a classic centre but what have been making the US teams lose lately is the dysfunctional play.


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