Wednesday, July 26, 2006

WOW Addiction

For the last month and a half I been playing the most immersive game since GTA San Andreas, The good think about San Andreas is that once you finish you are finished but with World of Warcraft it seems like it can go on forever.

I have been though batches of six hours shifts ginding to get the next level so I can get my new spells and gear. On the weekdays I usually end up in bed after two usually later if I am stuck in a instance. My guild will be raiding this weekend and after that I will close my account.

No other game stopped my PTI addiction except for World of Warcraft. I am an old D&D player do being able to do that in a community of 10,000 other users in our realm is quite mind blowing. My character was a troll shaman in the horde side and you can usually tell the personality of the person by the type of character they roll. Warriors in all my groups are the ones that complain the most.

My internet connection at nights have really detiriated as more people are now using my ISP and at my work we are about to start a huge new project. So I think its good I quit now before I get more immersed. When I was in the north last week for a family function it took me two day before I didnt see things in WOW perspective or stop thinking best strategies in tackling the Battlegrounds.

World of Warcraft is the 800lb gorilla of games, nothing comes close to it. I am sure it has reduced the amount of money gamers are using on other games where the biggest asset is that you actually have to pay the creater to play. More then half the games I have bought where not the originals.

Spore in the horizon may be a threat to WOW but I cant see it though. Worrying there are nearly 20,000 hits for "WOW Addiction"


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