Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dont put cold water in hot empty radiator

A week ago I was driving and realised that the Xtrail was overheating. I immediately stopped the engine and looked for some water. I went to a corner shop and asked for fiji water. The shopkeeper asked if I wanted cold or a hot bottle and stupidly I opted for the cold bottle.

I slowly opened the radiator and then realised it was empty. In the back of my mind was the idea to wait for engine to cool down but we were in a rush and I stopped in car in an illegal parking area.

The next thing that happened after pouring the water is that it autimatically boiled got some more water and then tried to start the engine. Ended up having to call motor service who came and towed the vehicle. Mechanic said a gasket was probably blown

When I got home our guest staying from Australia commented that when putting water into a radiator you need to turn the engine on otherwise you break the gasket good to know that now. I very expensive lesson as my company has been quoted $1,300 to replace the radiator.

After telling a lot of people my experience the seems to be significant number that has blow their gasket on their cars this way. It doesnt seem logical that a car engine can be broken by cold water.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has happened to us too. Sobosobo it is hard to believe what damage cold water can do. A learning curve and a costly one.
One time A. had car trouble outside a posh hotel. Similar trouble and he had to buy Perrier water at $4 a bottle to get the car going again.

9:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL... haven't you ever seen a tea mug break because you poured cold water into it when it was already full of hot tea? Rapid changes in temperature of certain materials can break them.

8:20 pm  
Blogger Jimmy Reeder said...

“...seems to be significant number that has blow their gasket on their cars this way.” - I think it's the typical reaction of every driver. I have the same problem, and just like you, I'm glad that I have a motor service number and my car has been rescued immediately. Anyway, I know this is 7 years late, but it's a relief to know that nothing bad happened to any of you. **Jimmy Reeder @

8:48 am  

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