Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Makeup ramblings as Long time no Post

I have had quite break from posting, main reason I am posting this is I am aplying for YPN so need to show regular postings.

So what has been happening in the past month.

I have been posting in forums which has given me the bug again. Posting on blogs or arguing in forums is a good way to clarify your positions and ideas. I have missed that self awareness benefit of writing in the last few months

NFL has started and guess who is in my fantasy team, Terrel Owens and Shaun Alexendar and last week I benched westbrook thinking he would be injured. So my luck is continuing. Dont you hate when people talk about their fantasy team?

Watched tony kornheiser on MNF on ESPN and he is not the same intiutive person as in PTI. Seems majority of the stuff he says is scripted. But Saints vs Falcons game was good value though.

Personal life is in high stress mode as my company did something that was totally bad fijian karma and I have been suffering for it in many different ways.

I can't believe I wrote a blog post supporting the choice of mario williams. I am still sticking by my top 10 mock draft though. After three games you can't say that Reggie Bush is as good as advertised.

So USA lost baketball but I think a lot of the media coverage was overblown on the loss. This team is special and one bad quarter in a basketball game doesnt mean this team can't play international basketball. Good teams on a lucky shooting streak will always be hard to beat. Lebron and Carmelo have improved as sportspeople in my eyes. Worst thing that could happen is to include kobe in the team. Shows bad prepration when USA coach doesnt know the names of the Greek players.

Tribewanted had a very good opening week but infrequent blog posts and lack of coverage in Google News is not a good sign.

What has happened to the middle east. I thought things would be getting better, but sometimes you need to take two steps backwards to progress. Cant say the same for iraq. Only benefit there is that their are now more jobs for Fijians in security. Same could also be said for the lebanon situation.

In terms of ethanol the reduction in fuel prices will have a negative effect on growth. I am still bullish on ethanol though.

Bill Simmons, is steadly producing articles that are good value but not up to his best.

My brother bought a poker set at home so we are playing texad holdem with chips. Problem is now my kids have a strategy for betting so it is taking me longer to wipe them or sometimes I lose. I think it will be a good early skill to develop for kids in terms learning probability and value.

Father took my kids too become member of the local librarys and it has had a significant benefit in term of reading and progressing.

Xtrail is in the garage waiting for a part from overseas to fix the engine. I wish I was still driving my rav4.

Next post will have to be on a single topic like, How do you stop a wow addiction.


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