Wednesday, September 27, 2006

US Loses the Rider Cup

As USA has just lost the Ryder Cup, USA World Basketball Championships and World Baseball comp, I though I might as well add my two cents.

I am not sure what is happening with USA team sports, I remember a time in the Olympics when it was a tussle between USA and Russia to see who had the most gold medals. The key to US golds medal counts was its team events.

Currently in world comps russians own the heavyweight boxing divisions, Japan baseball, europe the ryder cup, Spain basketball and ? in Hockey.

What is it with US profesional sportsmen cant compete in world cup team events. Has the promotion of individual sports stars made the elite of the sport so competitive that it effects them in working as a team. I am not sure but it just goes and backs up my continous argument that a champion team beats a team of champions. Brazil as a soccer team is the classic example of this.

On the Ryder cup my view is that I would bet that if Tiger woods was not part of the Ryder cup team in the last six years then US would at least have more then one victory. Tiger Woods image and psyche is to strong for the team and thats what happens in some teams with dominant players in them.

Every Golf tournament US players have to try and phsych themselve on how to beat Tiger and wanting tiger to lose. Trying to change that mentality in a short period is very hard to do. Evidence of this is the person with the biggest chip on his shoulder against Tiger is the worst performing player in the last Ryder cup.


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