Saturday, November 18, 2006

James Bond - Review of Casino Royal

Just came back from watching James Bonds - Casino Royal. The James Bond franchise is one of my favourite franchises and have been watching Bond films since I can’t remember. One of my favourite memories is watching Moonraker at a "drive-in" with my family.

I would consider this film as one of the best in Bond films and also one of the best films of the year. It starts of with one of the best parkour (free running) scenes that I have seen. Also included some pretty good texas holdem scenes

Daniel Craig as James bond - For me Craig is now the standard of the new Bonds. Roger Moore was my previous favourite. Craig has an edge to him that is more believable.

Car Chase - No car chase but an excellent parkour scene which for us that have been desensitized to car scenes was better.

Fight Scenes - More realistic and first time could actually see the results of fights, but bond is still a fast healer.

Romantic Scenes - Less then normal Bond films and for us viewers that now have ADD it seemed a bit to long.

Gambling Scenes - I picked the four jacks and straight flush before it happened but it was still high five moments with my son. A significant part of the movie was playing texas holdem which is pretty good for my gang that play it at home.

Gadgets - Not really that many wow gadgets but actually seemed more realistic then the usual stuff in Bond Films. Suited the Movie.

Brushes with Death - One of the worst torture moments in movies and more realistic brushes again.

Comedy moments - Can't remember any.

Bond Movie Rank - For me it ranks behind Moonraker and Thunderball

I went to the movie and took my son and it was a family tradition with my family and I am passing it down to my son. A movie is always good when we talk about our favourite scenes after the movie.

I highly recommend this movie.


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