Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Hate for Bill Simmons

I was just reading some comments from the Deadspin site and was amazed at the amount of hate for Bill Simmons. As I have mentioned before Bill Simmons is easily one of the Best Sportswriters out there because he writes like a fan and its usually reality based.

Just because his teams do will doesn't mean people should disrespect his writing, or it could be the player hater culture that he has been writing about. But it also show s how more influential he has become. I can see Michael Smith and Bill Simmons do an ESPN show together but in the end it will depend on how well they got on together.

I actually think the last few columns have been back to his old standard. I think once you have kids you lose your edge because your priorities change. On his columns I would guess that Bill has something to-do with his wifes columns as some of them are classic and are in his humor.

I would also bet that in Mannings final drive, a part of him that wanted the colts to win because in the end we are sports fans. The competition is more important as it makes the results more satisfying.

Interesting note on superstition, whenever my youngest son was in the room the colts would do something stupid so in the end I told him to leave the room about 5 times.


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