Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vince Young AP Offensive Rookie of the Year

As the blogger that probably pimped Vince Young the most in being the number one draft choice I feel that I am vindicated in him being easily chosen as the Offensive Rookie of the Year even though he not expected to perform well in his first year.

Its good that he lost the last Game so he can still be focused on improving for next year and not believe his own hype of "Vince Young just wins games". Which reminds me on how I should have bet on Vince Young's games

Observation from my mock draft
1. Nine of my top ten deserved the First round draft choice, except that Winstone
2. Justice did no play, so the jury is still out on him
3. Reggie Bush would not be as good as advertised.
4. The karma affect was shown with his touchdown run against the Texans.
5. Cutler and Leinart did well as rookie quarterbacks, interesting teams in the top ten draft from last year and are still in the top 10 have questionable quarterbacks.
6. David Carr performed as I predicted.
7. Ngata had an under appreciated year but the fact is that nearly all the linebackers he was protecting are in the Pro-bowl
8. Fifita was not picked up by a NFL team, hopefully next year he gets another chance


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