Friday, January 05, 2007

Mark McGwire Hall of Fame Voters

As I think, its an injustice that Mark McGwire is not being elected in the Hall of Fame, I am going to list the main Baseball writers who have voted against McGwire, so people can come to a source when checking the credibility of a writer.

The argument about the hypcracy of not selecting McGwire can be found here. Just one more point on steriods. Steriods wasn't first used in Baseball in the 90's, it was in the 1980's or may be even in the 1970's.

The list of journalist's that need a reality check.

Bob Ryan - Boston Globe
Jay Mariotti - Chicago Sun-Times
Bill Plaschke - Los Angeles Times
Joe Posnanski - Mercury News
Ann Killion - San Jose Mercury News
Jon Heyman - Sports Illustrated
Peter Kerasotis - Floriday Today
Steve Bitker -
Steve Kelley - Seattle Times
Jeff Peek - Record Eagle
Drew Olson - OnMilwaukee {leener}
Scott Miller - CBS
John Shea - San Francisco Chronicle
Ron Bergman - San Francisco Bay area (several newspapers)
Doug Spoon - San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Bill Madden - New York Daily News
Lynn Henning - Tigers EXTRA
Ken Rosenthal - Fox Sports
Joe Gross - The Capital
Darren Day - News Sun

Main Sports Journalist that Support McGwire's induction
Peter Gammons
Bill Simmons
Tony Kornheiser
Michael Smith
Buster Olney
Dan Le Batard


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