Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tony Dungy Going to the Superbowl

I always take the day off to watch the Superbowl but made an exception this year as I have been following the Colts in the Playoffs. I also like Peyton as he won me a Fantasy league championship a few years ago.

Tony Dungy is my favorite coach and I don't like the patriots. During the game I also had a feeling the Peyton Manning was going to shread the monkey of his back which he did.

Probably the best NFL game I have watched in terms of getting involved and hoping for a team to win. You could just see how all the colts were pulling for each other and it was a team Victory. There was also some help from the referees but I will take it after the Seahawks loss last year.

I think Brady lost focus this year but Bill Belichick coaching was awesome. Belichick's teams are the ones I like, team orientated character teams. Its not good for a team to dominate every year in the NFL as people like the product because of the idea that each team has a good chance of making it every year. Patriots would have destroyed the Bears. Belichick needs to listen to Brady on player movements next year.

I can't see the Bears winning against the Colts. As I would take Colts defense and offense over the Bears. Colts can even win if Manning has an average game.

Okay on Tony Dungy, I first started getting interested when he was treated badly by Tampa. Why the majority of defenses are using his system now is that he understands Black players more then other coaches. Black players advantages over other players is their speed and power. Majority of players being drafted in the NFL are through speed and power tests. So you play the best schemes with the types of players that you have. The game is usually won on turnovers or a few mistakes. When one or two players in a team don't get the schemes then there is a better chance for a mistake. If they do get it then it then it gives the defense a better chance for getting a turnover.

When Dungy, Edwards and Lovie had dinner before a playoff game, It also gave me more props for Dungy's people. I think having Lovie and Dungy being in the Superbowl will open more opportunities for Black coaches in College level which is a good thing.

I hope Dungy, Edwards and Lovie do meet socially before the Superbowl.


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