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My take on characters in HBO The WIre

The following is my take on characters on tv show "THE WIRE" on HBO

D'Angelo Barksdale - Probably my favourite character in season one and the only flaw is it is hard to believe he was a person that killed a person in cold blood that originally go him off and got him into mcnulties radar

Russell "Stringer" Bell - Was calling for him to jump out of the window before he died. His flat is just what I would have imagined especially the samurai swords hanging behind his desk. Would have liked to see his character end up running for office and become the new Clay Davis

Avon Barksdale - In season three his character didn't match his character in season one which was more business. One of the best scenes on the show was Avon and stringer talking about old times

Omar Little - My favourite character but he gets into the most unrealistic situations of the show but he makes the show as entertainment for me. This character will do a lot for the image of the toughness of gay men. I see myself in him more then any other character in living by your own code. My favourite scenes is as a witness and staring down Brother Mouzone.

Having two of the most feared people being short matches reality for me if you look at decorated war heroes that survived

Preston "Bodie" Broadus - Not a character I liked but would say he was one of the best acted. His final scene reminded me of the ending of scarface and fitted the character and will be remembered.

Brianna Barksdale - Well acted and made it feel like a family business

Marlo Stanfield - Moved from grey characters of the Barksdale's to more of what the perceived gangsta should be like

Chris Partlow - Moving to Jamaican gangsta image

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson - Interesting character, scene where she is in the motorbike is straight out of a movie and good entertainment. The development of Chris and Snoop was good as when i first saw them I thought, who are these amateurs giving advice to marlo but in the end they are smartest killers in the show

Slim Charles - Well acted and was an interesting character until he started working for prop joe

Joe "Proposition Joe" Stewart - Started off as a cartoonish type of character but ended up being more real for me

Dennis "Cutty" Wise and Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice - Both acted well but for me didn't fit their original characters especially cutty. Both added value to the show though

Bubbles - If all these people win acadamy awards for playing people with disability's then bubbles should win something. I nearly cried when he broke up in "Final Grades". Most disturbing scene though was when he was conning the pipes with Johnny and we ended up seeing Johnnies piss bags.

James "Jimmy" McNulty - To me the most important person in the show. This show is really a white mans view of the decay of US Society and the perception that the white male is being screwed. Were mcnulty is the the main vehicle. I liked the character until he showed some major flaws in season three but that's what makes this show so good. Not many things surprise me anymore, especially tv shows so I expected him to come back as detective but it was still good.

One of my favourite characters of all time with Omar. It will be interesting to see how his character plays out in season 5. I have got a feeling his job affects his character more then the other way around.

Cedric Daniels - Has to be one of the most coolest characters out their. Happy when he became major, colonel and chance of being commissioner.

That part doesn't sound real to me, but it shows how we are all in a game and picking the right horse is sometimes the most important thing in life. It has been for me.

Daniels, Pearlman and Carcetti are moving up was good entertainment and made me more invested in the show.

Shakima "Kima" Greggs - Another really well acted character. The lesbian scene she was in was one of the strongest I have scene on tv. She seemed to have lost her edge in her character but that could be because of mcnulties influence

Detective William "Bunk" Moreland - Bunk is the man

Detective Lester Freamon - What real po-lice should be like if the world was perfect. I enjoyed his character development but its starting to get stale.

Well acted though

William A. Rawls - Well acted and has numerous good scenes.

Sergeant Ellis Carver - Character development over the four seasons has been really interesting.

Thomas "Herc" Hauk - Cartoonish character that hasn't really developed since season one

The kids - The kids have affected me the most, when I see school kids I think about these boys, my boys are 7 and 9 and I worry what is going to happen to them going forward. Best hope is to teach them good values and put them in good situations which is something these kids were not able to get. What season four shows is some of the worst situations that can happen and how the kids developed from those situations. For me all acted well.

Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski - He was never stereotypical Po-lice so I believed his character as a teacher. Why are all the main white male characters severely flawed, I am still trying to understand that.

Howard "Bunny" Colvin - how can you not like "Bunny" and his legalising drugs may have a significant impact on the perception of legalising drugs going forward. In liberal blogs this is not a taboo issue now. For me fixing the "drug war" and finding alternative energy source are the two most important things that can help the US re-prioritize it resources in helping itself.

Thomas "Tommy" Carcetti - Favourite character in season 4. I see his big picture attitude in he would better serve his community as governor then as a mayor. But then the argument could be he could better serve his community as President compared to governor. Like my experience a lot of politicians come in honest with good ideals but its only the strong ones that won't let the new environment corrupt them significantly

State Senator R. Clayton "Clay" Davis - I would be interested in how he came to Office, I know that some political families know how to play the game better then the barksdales. In the end what is the game, drugs, work politics or local politics or is it all the same game.


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