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Is the HBO show The Wire a reflection of the decay of US Society

Over the last two months I have watched four seasons of the HBO TV series called the Wire. It chronicles life in an inner city of Baltimore USA.

The Wire now overtakes Miami Vice as the best TV series I have watched. It matches the reality of the information that I have gathered from the Internet on current problem being faced in the inner city. So for me its one of the most real shows that has been produced in showing warts of a western society. But I have never lived in an inner city like what is being depicted so I could be wrong, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Season Four while being good seemed to move to more popular T.V e.g by having White mayor win and Omar's adventures. That's all good though for me as they were both my favorite characters in Season 4 of the Wire. The strength of a TV show can be seen in how much it changes you and the Wire has changed me.

I have always been interested in the Fall of the Roman empire and for me this show will be used as media for the Fall of the US empire.

The following are the main factors that I got from "The Wire" on showing the decay of US Society
  • Government controlling policy by funds it gives to City budgets. Problem is when government's main priorities goes out of whack to priorities of the society i.e Middle East.
  • The "Don't Give a Fck" attitude which is getting worse and affects the public
  • Education system is making it harder for disadvantaged kids to progress
  • Racial politics at work and in elections. What happens when incompetent people are in management position reaches a tipping point.
  • Movement of people out of the cities and into the suburbs i.e work being offshored
  • Tipping point on the reduction of Morals and Values concerning common good.

I understand the season five will be on the affect on the media on inner city society. I understand why it should be the empathises on the last season because it has been the biggest contributor to the above factors.

The factors I have mentioned are always part of society, but I think the only difference now is that in a number of them, there is a tipping point being reached where its becoming a significant negative on society.

If what I say is currently happening then what would be the solution. For me to fix a problem the best way is to get the right people to address the problem. I don't know who the right people are but think that netroots type transparency is the best way to go forward.

People powered politicians is the main hope. As we are now in a global market, the market is not going to do what's best for the main cities i.e US.


Anonymous george said...

Have been reading some information on the Wire on the internet, did not do this before incase I came across spoilers. The following is what I found

After listening to David Simon's podcast interview that the Wire is a subversive attempt to show what is wrong with inner cities and american society which is something I picked up in my post. That podcast is not good for future ratings success.

The best products is when you right about something that you know well and passioned about.

It looks like episode 5 will be only 10 shows and the producers will be doing another show on Iraq war half way through it. Its not a good sign for the quality of episode 5.

I watched the Wire in blocks as I downloaded the torrent files. {I will eventually buy the DVD} which is a better way of watching then having to wait. Concept of The wire being like a book. When reading a book I don't like to wait a week before reading the next chapter.

Just reading comments on Final Grades on Episode four shows how many levels the show is on and nearly every scene and word has a point.

People who have watched the TV series think it is one of the best ever in all types of media. I agree with this but feel that it will actually be one of the most important pieces of media in reflecting what was going wrong with part of US society for the last generation

The lack of ratings and awards reflects how real this show and goes against what the media is trying to today and the main use the public have of the media.

Interesting for me is how Halliburton is now moving its headquarter to Dubai. Similar analogy to white flight from inner cities once they feel they are starting to lose control. Its also a good sign for how the next elections are going to play out. Just hope that US doesnt become like inner cities.

Episode six is about the influx of latin immigrants to Baltimore which to me represents how the latin culture is now changing US Society. So the sixth episode should be made.

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