Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sports Writing for Negative Comments

Writing stupid comments to gain reactions has been going on for a long time but it seems more prevalent now and especially in sports writing. A classic example is the article in ESPN on the Curse of Darko by ESPN correspondent LZ Granderson another is Jay Marrioti

I can't believe that he is serious, first you can only brink up curses when you teams are hopeless and don't win a ring. Reality is with darko in the team they one a championship and made the finals. Their could be an argument for a curse in getting rid of him as they didnt make the finals without him.

I always talk about the main ingredient to a team is team chemistry and sometimes not changing the team is the best option as adding something with value may actually make the team worse. There are so many cases where an all-star is added to a good team and it doesn't perform as well.

There are many allstars in the NBA without a ring and I think fans would rather have teams that make the finals and actually win them then have great allstars. To argue otherwise is delusional or to garner reactions which I am sure he is trying to do. I am its not do with how Darko is a white player.


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