Monday, June 14, 2010

Matrix as analogy of current world problems

These posts have got me thinking about why Matrix is one of my favorite movies. The main shock of Matrix and was life altering moment for me was when neo came out of his cocoon type contraption.

My Analogy of Matrix compared to the current world problems are the machines are really the current structures/elite that need energy to survive. The energy that machines live off are people running on the treadmill of life creating energy (production/labour) for machines to live.

The matrix that people are in are the distractions of everyday life that motivates people to supply energy i/e movies, tv, video games, spiritual, getting drunk etc. The motivations use the classic parts of the brain which is fear, sex, violence, food etc. The link to people is through tubes but not physical but it is through organisations, radio, papers, tv, films and now the internet. The matrix is run on debt.

The machines also want more energy to build more machines and manage the matrix so try and get more people to get on their treadmills. So the example of getting more countries following the treadmill approach and get people in more debt which means they have to produce more energy. The new energy is mainly needed in building defense mechanisms and managing the matrix as the program has got more complicated as it has got bigger.

There are people who are uncomfortable with the treadmill and feel something is wrong and so search out answers and that is when they will either take the blue pill or the red pill. Of the people who take the red pill, the machines tubes make out these people to be crazy and show the people on the treadmill the negative consequences of people that take the red pill.

My idea is a lot of people understand the reality of what is happening but you can either go back to the treadmill (blue pill) or seek out understanding of what is actually happening (red pill).

For me personally i have taken the blue pill before as i like violence, sex and food that was being given under the current machines but now i am in the process of taking the red pill which i know will be a lonely and hard journey.

Why am i taking the red pill is because i think the machines have lost their way and in the search of producing more energy are now endangering the earth and all the pods that they are supposed to be managing.

I hope the above makes sense as it does to me or it could mean that i am getting a bit more crazier then i thought.

Really from the above analogy its either people produce more energy or machines use less energy or remove some of the machines so less energy is required.

For me the main problem is their is not enough energy to supply the machines to run the matrix so they need a reality check on the use of their energy but who are the machines.


Blogger CrazyHorse_RedCloud_SittingBull_Charge said...

I wrote an essay about this, I'll post here at some point. You might be crazy by the way--crazy to take on the machines.

2:33 pm  
Blogger Elegba The Red Dog said...

However simplistic your prose, your argument is powerful because of its truth. I've been taking the red pill off and on for most of my life. Or should I say, had no need to take the red pill (as was always aware), but got seduced by the blue pill from time to time. So people may fall in 2 camps. Those whose third eye is closed and need the red pill, and those who are aware or "uncomfortable" as you say and may need some encouragement or strength to stop taking the blue pill.

The road can be lonely and hard at times, especially when all around hold a different view, but you are not alone.


8:35 pm  

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