Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 ramblings

I watched the Boston/Bulls games last night which has motivated me to do my ramblings for this year. This has probably been the longest year of my life because of the challenges i have had to face.

This year is also the first I have had a major loss in terms of betting when I bet that england would get within 8 points of South Africa. Before the World Cup I actually said that South Africa was good odds to win,New Zealand would lose it and Fiji had a good chance of making the quarter finals. I didn't bet any of those thoughts though:)

My biggest misunderstanding was thinking that Joakim Noah should have been the number one draft choice. I still believe that he can be of value but after watching him at half time in the Bulls locker room, he looks like a broken man. He needs another team, the bulls look dysfunctional and its starts with skiles

I said Vince Young should not have taken the cover of Madden and it now seems to have had a bad affect on his season. Anyway heres hoping for a better performance next year.

Boston Celtics became my team by going the whole chemistry angle and trading for kevin garnett is the key. Previously I never really liked garnett and alway went for duncan in that debate. Now Garnett is my favorite player besides Noah. I am really into this years NBA season and easily watched the blowout last night.

My team also moved to the Patriots after the videogate incident, i hope they go 16-0 but don't think they will win the superbowl, something is just not right about the team that i cant explain. But my predictions this year have been totally off.

I don't follow the majority of Ron Paul's beliefs but i am a supporter. Democrats in power have really shown that they are just part of the same machinery. Actions speak louder then words. I am an obama supporter but the reality is that they are nearly all the same.

In the Israel/Palestine crisis, I think its getting better but am not sure.

I resigned from my job on an issue of principle and now working for a previous company

Kids are growing up and I now want to take them to Australia for a better education and to increase their skills and experiences

Bill Simmons still writing well and I now listen to his podcasts.

I haven't watched a Hard talk segment in more then six months and am an irregular watcher of PTI even though its still the best sport show out there

There is not enough hours in the day to do things that i want to so have hardly played video games this year but will probably buy a new computer for GTA4.

In terms of Google, I use google reader now to get majority of information on the internet and it at least saves me around one hour a day.

Google is doing pretty good and I still promote a lot of its products. But my dream of blogging from the beach was shattered when the disconnected my adsense account which was my fault anyway.

Anyway if anyone reads this post i wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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