Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apple Where art though?

I have always been a fan of apple, as the apple 2 was the first computer I ever used and my favorite product is my video ipod.

For the last few months I have been waiting patiently for the Apple Iphone and have read alot of information concerning apple. Today i am not really that interested because of the behavior of apple in the last few weeks.

From what i have gathered it seems that apple is the increased importance of market share and potential profits then user experience. I understand that in todays world you can't afford to wait to get something 98% right, technology and moods changes to quick. So I am not sure if this is a bad direction by apple but it seems to be a change though.

On another topic of microsoft purchasing 5% of Facebook. This decision seems to me of microsoft having missed so many boats and because of teh quagmire of Vista, they want to do something. What better way then throwing money at something. Reminds me of how bad IT projects get approved because people have run out of ideas.

I use Facebook and think its a good application, its also exploding in terms of the number of users. Social Networks to me remind me of nightclubs, they are only popular as long as its the in thing and another more elaborate nightclub has not opened.

Besides this share purchase telling investors, punters that microsoft will be relevant in the internet future, I think the most important question is will microsoft get enough value from Facebook while Facebook is still relevant.


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