Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peel the First Layer

For us to fix the problems we are facing in the world and if you believe we the people are the main cause of what is going wrong with the world the first thing that is needed is to understand the self.

Knowing yourself is the first step in being able to truly understand what the real problems facing the world. Without knowing your biases and how you deceive yourself it will be hard to truly comprehend and interpret the real issues facing the world.

I know i have internal biases based on experiences and information that i have read and don't know myself truly, but i know the world is sick and we are in trouble and believe some of information that economies are in trouble.

Blogging all this will also be help me understand myself better and hopefully this process will give a better understanding of problems we all face.

From discussions the people say this process is called self actualization which i am still not to sure about but from wiki it means the following

Self-Actualised person according to Maslow "He possesses an unusual ability to detect the spurious, the fake, the dishonest in personality, and in general to judge the people correctly and efficiently"

Common traits amongst people who have reached self-actualization are:[5]

  • They embrace reality and facts rather than denying truth.
  • They are spontaneous.
  • They are interested in solving problems.
  • They are accepting of themselves and others and lack prejudice.

Anyway to me knowing yourself is peeling the first layer in addressing our issues.


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