Thursday, December 27, 2007

What has happened to Daily Kos

I have been a long time reader of Daily kos and have a user id in the 30,000 range. I used to like it because of the free type of debate were ideas could be thrashed out and argued.

But lately it seems to have taken on a republican type of tone where they seem to attack the messenger instead of the message. If the message does not support the idea of getting a democrat elected then its lets try and stop the message being adopted and troll rate the user.

I think what happened before is that we could argue because we have the moral high ground but now after the performance of democrats in congress it shows that the democrats are similar to republicans and now its okay to use republican methods in suppressing debate.

I remember in the old days, kossacks would welcome the other side for debates as long as they were rational. I actually used to be proud to be a kossack but not now.

I wonder what forum there is to go now where people could debate ideas instead of promoting their own products. That is the reason I thought netroots would be a powerful medium going forward in terms of the best ideas coming through because of debate.

But if the goal is just to get a person elected not the idea, then its just back to who is the most determined and promotes the way of life of only supporting your gang


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