Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daily Kos

Part of the disillusionment i have been facing has come from the regular places that have reading and of those websites is Daily Kos.

I started reading Daily Kos and was bought into the whole idea of reality based arguments but now see it as just a vehicle for people to be divided and to focus their anger at the other side.

I am a firm believer of social justice types issues as it was a foundation of what was taught to me when creating my world view. I now believe that we are getting to a stage where the world cannot sustain the number of people on this earth using the current methodologies so will see how this world view plays out in my thinking going forward.

What the last elections in US has taught me is that Democrats and Republicans are both the same and their are not many differences if you look at their affect on the worlds problems.

In the end action is louder then words so doesn't really matter what the Democracts or Republicans say what you can really tell by their actions which seem quite similar to me. The difference I have seen depends on their actions on decisions effecting Banks and Military Industry

So going back to Daily Kos i just look at the diaries and never the front page articles, not sure why yet. I am getting feeling though sites like Daily Kos, Red State, Little Green Footballs are just sites to get motivated people to use the energy against each other instead of trying to really understand what are the real issues.

Its amazing to me what people will defend now compared to in the early days of daily kos it like in a bizarro world. But what is interesting is that you can see in some comments that people have taken the red pill.


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