Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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From the thousands of conflicting information that we have been subjected to how can we tell the lies from the truth. The trick in getting people to believe a lie is first make sure that there is some truth in the lie, but the most important factor is to get people invested in the lie.

Studies have shown people believe a lie more if they have some personal investment in the lie. This has been the biggest advantage that the TPTB have over us and of the best examples is the use of branding. The power of the the Brand really means that we choose the marketing of one product over another.

Best way not to get caught up in the lies is dont get invested in the divide and rule tactics where we are subjected to e.g coke/pepsi, lakers/celtic, democrats/republicans, country/rap etc. The more we choose one of the sides the more we loose control of the truth that choices are good.

First, if a person has the following attributes there is no hope in them seeing the truth
  • They believe the lie with deep conviction and it significantly affects the way he/she behaves.
  • The person holding the belief has taken important actions in supporting the lies which is difficult for them to undo. In general, the more important the actions are, and the more difficult they are to undo, the greater is the individual's commitment to the lie.
  • The individual believer has a social group support that supports confirms the lie.

For many of us we don’t like to believe that we may be wrong, so we may limit our intake of new information or thinking about things in ways that don’t fit within our pre-existing beliefs . But if you got this far in the post there is still hope.

People can handle lies differently and people who need a higher need for consistency and certainty in their lives usually feel the effects of lies much more than those who have a lesser need for such consistency.

In this example I will go with the lie that there is big difference between the Democrats and Republicans and majority of the politicians support their constituencies not theTPTB

In the search of the truth the techniques are following
  • Understand their current attitudes and behaviors to the lie
  • The costs involved in holding the belief
  • Be aware of the negative behaviour in supporting the lie
  • Write about you understanding of the lie and increase you language relating to the lie
  • Seek a support network that constantly challenges the lie and understanding of the lie
  • Self Affirmation exercises

So in relation to Republic/Democrat lie. In all searches for truth actions speaks louder then words, so worry more in results then the marketing. For this example if you have campaigned, donated money or lost relationships it will be much harder to believe the truth.

For me the policies being produced by Democrat/Republican dominated parties are quite similar. Then be aware why people have been divided in the two partie,s so fighting each other over policies that end up being watered down/ So the result is that there is not much difference to what TPTB wanted.

Writing about issues that I am having difficulty with really clarifies the situation and am constantly increasing my vocabulary of a situation through the use of Wiki and internet. So have a better understanding of the Lie compared to the talking points of each of the party.

The hardest part in accepting the truth, is the affect it will have on your social circle as it is very hard to be that person. Before it was okay to accept the small lies as you could always argue that my party stands for this position and how can all these smart people be wrong.

For me the best confirmation of seeking the truth is when i find other people that have similar beliefs and the good thing about the internet is there are different groups that have different versions of reality.

It is lies alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself

What scares me the most is instead of me understanding the truth I am just promoting another version of a lie. But I think the most important factor is I am now divested from the old lies and can changed my view if given better information.


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