Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kevin Rudd What Happened

Kevin Rudd one of the most popular Australian prime ministers was ousted in political coup by Julia Gillard. What happened I really think his popularity gave him hubris so he thought he didn't have to worry about TPTB that got him elected.

In Autralia the main powers were Robert Holmes a Court, Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch. Now the main power in Australia is Rupert Murdoch who gave Rudd his blessing in early 2007 and lately i have seen him complaining about him. The use of media is a very good tool in changing public perception and we have seen the affect in only one year.

I haven't really seen much of Kevin Rudd but watched him in one interview and he seemed to me the most grounded politicion, he seemed to know the intimated details of all the policies he was talking about instead of giving standard talking points.

I think the biggest problem with Kevin Rudd is that he is too grounded with strong Christian beliefs and ideology that helped him become who he is. He is an amazing story coming from Convict grandparent to Prime minister. I especially liked this speech

.. a kid who lived Gough Whitlam's dream that every child should have a desk with a lamp on it where he or she could study. A kid whose mum told him after the 1972 Election that it might just now be possible for the likes of him to go to university. A kid from the country of no particular means and of no political pedigree who could therefore dream that one day he could make a contribution to our national political life

And just like his idol Gough Whitlam he was couped from his position.

So how did a leader of party that has a significantly higher popularity then the opposition lose the leadership. It seems like majority of key people were the right faction of the labour party. For me the worst thing you can do to an honest person is question their honesty and loyalty and thats what seemed to what has happened to Julia Gillard by a supposed leak from the Prime Ministers Office.

My take is that a significant number of people will be now upset that the person they elected has now been couped they will take it personally and it will show in the next elections unless TPTB have decided otherwise.

I see one of the main reasons is that labour politicians cant get elected with Rudd as the leader which is funny who do they represent themselves or the people that elected them. I am guessing the majority of people that vote for them supports Rudd.

The mining industry also had a significant influence in this coup due to the 40% mining tax Rudd was trying to introduce. Australia is a lucky country because of all the resources it has and that is a finite number of resources and there will always be a company that will want those resources no matter what the taxes are as in the end the profits for the product will reach a threshold where it can be mined profitably. Its just a waiting game and may take many, many years but in the end Australians will profit instead of miners.

From what I read Julia Gillard seems to be a good person too but am worried about the sharks she has surrounded herself with in getting the leadership.

In the end this is a big negative for the labor party and as a labor supporter since i was in High School I am very disappointed in the Labor Party.


Anonymous George said...

The TPTB has spoken and looks like Labour will win the next election.

A survey by Newspoll, a Sydney-based market research company part-owned by News Corp., published in The Australian newspaper on Monday found that the center-left government's public support had bounced back to the levels it had enjoyed before Rudd's popularity crashed in April

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