Sunday, June 20, 2010

Control using Black Stereotypes

As I have had a lot influences from the media I consider is being used to control us I was wondering how this has affected people in terms of using the black stereotype has an affect on fear and competition.

There are two main types of control of the people the main one is the threat of violence and the second is social ostracism.

In terms of violence the perceived threat is if you don't follow the law there is chance you will go jail and end up spending time in a cell with bubba after being round up by the Police Force whose perception is now perceived to be much more violent then before.

The second threat of violence is all crime surrounding your neighborhood which usually follows another stereotype and this violence controls by a person living in fear is more susceptible to be controlled then a person who is not. Like the fear of being accosted by the large black female e.g madea

Before ostracism was easier to use as a controlling mechanism when people lived in small communities and all communication was mainly within the community, what happens when people leave these communities for an urbanized life which is what is needed to produce more goods.

So what I think has happened is that new social groups had to be formed in an urbanized society so that is why there seem to be so many different types of labels for races, classes, politics and groups and each person is supposed to put themselves in one of those labels. Each of the groups have stereotyped behavior in which people will be ostracized if they don't fit withing those groups. Again people are easier to control when they are worried about being ostracized from their groups.

So how does all the above ramblings have to do with using Blank Stereotypes, my argument is that blacks have been used significantly in terms of their numbers to perpetuate the different meme of fear and ostracization from their social groups.

Self perpetuation of stereotypes seems to be also happening when people keep seeing images from TV, radio and people start behaving how other people expect them to behave as it is now expected behavior by society. So i believe behavior has significantly changed over the last few generations to detriment of majority of black males in the USA.

As an example local changes when I first went out to nightclubs we use to worry about flying bottles and people king hitting you from behind as there was a lot of fights because of the believed stereotype of being able to fight had significant value. This has changed and people are now believe other in other activities to prove their worth.


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