Sunday, June 20, 2010

How instinct of survive is being used to control masses

I am sure i have posted somewhere in this blog how some of my immediate family live on a subsistence type of living and seem to be much happier then me. So what motivates people to move from a happy and content existence to a a more western model in urban centres.

I remember reading a book in which a lot of research was done where the most important word for a person was survive. Below i am just going to discuss on how survive could be used to control people.

So if we look at survive what are the main emotions that relate to survive to me they would be fear and competition. So each person in their subconscious has the main motive that drives them is the need for them and their family/group to survive.

I read a lot of how fear is used to control people but actually i think competition is a technique that doesn't get much press. To me that is one of the main roles of advertising is to show people are losing their battle with their neighbors by not having this particular widget.

It also seems the more people have access to ideas that affect their subconscious through competitive means the more control they will have over the people. I thinks thats were we are at the stage now where there is so much information hitting our subconscious that is telling us to work harder so that we can get this widget or service.

To me fear is being used as a device that these people/organisations are out to stop your access to these widgets and services.

I remember being in one workshop in how to get more rural people to use phones my main point was that you need to communicate to those people the benefits of a phone and once it has become affordable they will use purchase it and use it. Now nearly every person has a phone and my family that used to live a subsistence type culture now are motivated to get income to buy credit to charge their phone to make calls that in the end doesn't really make them happier then what they were before.

So I think a key in getting people to produce more is to show them benefits of a service/widget that has through advertising become more important then the reality of the cost of producing that service e.g Health, Transportation, Housing, Military, Entertainment.

So what would be interesting for me is to work out what is the common factor amongst those services/widgets.

I am actually for all this services just have a feeling that something is out of control in terms of the power they have on the people and resources being used in creating that service. I think the biggest threat is the effect it is having on the environment.

I am still reading about this issue so will hopefully flesh this post out later


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