Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama the Manchurian Candidate

I was a big Obama supporter and felt connected to him as we are both left handers and similar beliefs and understanding on perceptions based on our upbringing and how people view us.

I understand he had to make "the deal" to become president but hoped that once he was in the circle he would have more influence. But I think the biggest shock he would have got was when more then two thirds of congress and the senate told him not to say anymore bad comments on Israel.

Actions speak louder then words so if the Banks, Forbes 100 and Military Complex wanted a Manchurian Candidate what would their president be expected to do.

How does the following sound
  • Save the banks who supported candidate
  • Increase spending on Wars and increase numbers in Afghanasten
  • Increase funds for medical companies
  • Protect media rights by appointing people that worked for RIIA
  • Appoint Chief of Staff who is/was a duel citizen of Israel
  • Appoint members to control financial direction who have been in control of financial direction in private institutions
  • Create Stimulus package to support companies that supported him
  • Supreme court blocks ban or corporate spending on elections under his watch

My gut has been telling me that Republicans/Democrats have been under the same control just different sections of the same group fighting for control. Thats why its amazing that people call Obama a socialist. Really Hillary and Obama are in the same section. What was really funny about the whole situation is how the group tried to sabotage Mcain's run for Presidency which I am guessing Lieberman had the main role in that function.

What confirmed for me of the TPTB trying to sabotage his bid was when the main presentation he did was displaying the Walter Reed Middle High School instead of Walter Reed Army Medical Centre. I knew that he did not have the best of the best running his campaign so he was in real trouble.

In USA Elections the candidate that spends the most money usually win the elections and Obama outspent Mcain by nearly three to one. The meme that was put out there was that Obama was getting his money from contributions of regular people. Which is quite funny now, if you think about it.

I believe Obama is very smart and he understands what is happening but he can only produce based on the people he has put in power. From people he has appointed and the actions that they have done it seems he is acting as the Manchurian Candidate.

Obama has two daughters and I have three sons so I am sure his basic instinct is for the future of his children which is the main reason I have started posting again. I understand the blue pill looks very good at the moment for him but for our future he needs to take the red pill and hopefully that will be a major step in taking back control of our destinies

Interesting how Jessie Ventura who I have a lot of respect for was discussion how where is the proof that Obama is not a CIA Agent. I don't believe he is a CIA agent but he seems be doing work of people controlling CIA.


Blogger Vinman said... do you feel now George?

8:37 pm  
Blogger George said...

It really seems like Obama is a lost cause especially after appointing General Electric (GE) Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt to chair the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Whose strategy is large corporations pay no taxes, get welfare from government and ship jobs overseas.

8:48 am  
Blogger EBL said...

You are onto something, so I linked you.

6:36 pm  

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