Monday, June 14, 2010

Iranian Ships Ready to Sail To Gaza

Article in Jerusalem Post stating that Iranian Ships ready to sail to Gaza This reminds me of the old war games film many years ago where world war three was started in the Middle East.

As I posted yesterday i think the gang in Israel have lost their moral compass and now act irrationally unless they have planned to war with their neighbors with the flotilla killings as the match.

One Scenario that may take place is the following
  • Ships get raided by Israel
  • Next Ships have military escort and then it gets raided this creates a situation
  • Turkey pulls out of Nato and join Arab Coalition in what could be considered a war with Israel
  • USA supports Israel
  • Not sure what happens after that but it wont be good

To me this is Iran fault you don't try and steal a crazy dog's food but my gut is telling me that gang in Middle East have had enough and killing of people on flotilla may be the tipping point for real action.

How can this be diffused, open up Gaza and create a Palestinian state but that is too easy also I can't see Israel back down from Iran its not in their nature especially now.

Going back to my Matrix analogy, I cant see how this benefits the ruling structures unless Israel was the main factor in ruling structure all along.


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