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Celiac Candida Natural Cure

What I found was a natural cure for Celiac, Candida to get rid of they following type of symptoms Skin Problems, Intense cravings for sugary products, esophagitis candida, Skin problems, Anxiety, Constant Tiredness and exhaustion

In 2007 I was very sick and symptoms matched those of Candida Albicans so researched different methods in fixing my sickness using a Natural Cure. So now I can eat yeast and sugar products without any issue except of getting fatter. I have had so much antibiotics that I am now allergic to them and think that is the main reason why I started getting sick.

I live in the pacific so it may not be as easy to get the products am about to write about but the most effective part of this cure for me was the idea to rebuild my whole body especially stomach areas and increase my immune system.

To first rebuild your body you have to waste away all the toxins in your body which means following a candida diet. This will take several months and you will lose a lot of weight for me to try and keep my weight I ate a lot of meat but still lost over 10kg.

I also cleaned my body by eating a lot of crushed raw garlic with chilli and in the first few months you feel like you are going to die as its is attacking your body while going through candida die-off cycles. Diet should be strictly no sugar, rice and any wheat products e.g. bread. Only fruits were pinaeapple and PawPaws.

While on the diet also trying to build the immune system in which I did the following

  1. Drank at least two cups of green tea a day with lemon to increase the green tea’s potency on stomach
  2. At least once week bathed in direct Sunlight to get Vitamin D, don’t get burnt thoughDrank teaspoon of virgin coconut oil can’t handle that so now use it as a massage oil which is think is very effective
  3. Eat Brazil Nuts to get the Selenium which really, really helps
  4. Daily supplements of B12 and Zinc
  5. Eat one PawPaw a day for Vitamin C
  6. Eat Sweet Potato for building blocks of the Immune System
  7. Cabbage juice for the good bacteria to replace bad bacteria in gut

So what I did was get rid of all my toxins in the body through wasting away and not introducing toxins in body by eating sugary foods. Ingesting good bacteria that replaces bad bacteria in stomach so can get nutrients from food that are the building blocks in increasing the immune system to assist body in getting rid of all toxins from the body.

You also have to believe, when eating and doing the cure you will need to think in your head how all the things you are doing are attacking all toxins in body and increasing your defenses. It was a fight between me and my body and I really wanted to win. This is really important especially when your family think you are crazy for drinking cabbage juice.

(Picture is Cabbage Juice, Sweet Potatoe, Pawpaw, Green Tea packet and Brazil Nuts)

There was a stage when my stools started looking normal and that is when I realized I was getting better. For me reading your stools is the best method of knowing that you are progressing as this is really a disease of a gut and you can tell by the stools how affective the gut is in its processing food.

I started eating sugary products again and it didn’t seem to have any affect and from there am back to a normal diet again which I can go out and get drunk without being sick for the next few days.

Besides Selenium from Brazil Nuts to me the key is the Cabbage Juice. I started taking probiotic tablets but actually I think Cabbage Juice is much more powerful.

Cabbage has a lot of good bacteria around it, so the idea is to get bacteria and put it in a juice to be drunk. So fresh natural cabbage is best

My Recipe for Cabbage Juice

  1. Two litres of fiji water as water has to be pure otherwise it is useless, boiling chlorinated water doesn’t work for me.
  2. Chop Cabbage into small bits and submerge it in Fiji water in large container
  3. Water covers chopped cabbage and seal container but best if there is a small opening to let some air out
  4. After three days I drain all the juice back into empty Fiji water bottle and in the early stages I fried cabbage with chilli and tuna to eat now I just throw out the cabbage
  5. Have half a cup of Cabbage Juice a day think its better on empty stomach or after eating so your two litres should last you at least one week.

For me the main thing is to replace bad bacteria with good bacteria as if you can’t absorb nutrients from food it doesn’t matter what you eat that is why the cabbage juice is important and have found if I don’t take it for a few weeks can see that my stools are losing shape again

I am certain a significant no of people go to doctors for an ailment that can be cured by looking at home cures instead of Health Care Marketing.

And remember when taking this cure, say to yourself I believe.


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have you tried drops of pure Turpentine-i read it in:The_Candida_Cleaner by Dr.Daniels and i have tried it, it helped me a lot.

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