Sunday, June 20, 2010

Comments on Ramblings

First i am worried that I may be creating to many straw man arguments and then arguing using those arguments. Because one think i have learnt all arguments and ideas really depend on the definition of terms that you use.

Also a lot of things i have bees saying are pretty out their in terms of normal understanding of things but that is why this blog is called Really.

Last thing is my son asking why am I writing when no one reads this blog, I think the benefit is that it is clarifying my ideas on the subjects that I find troubling and believe in. There will be a time when I have clarified my ideas to a point where it is a close match to reality that is currently happening and if the truth gets out in the internet then there is more chance to save the problems we are facing.

I believe in the butterfly affect how small things can have a large affect going forward like small nugget of truth can have a large affect on the what topic that its trying to illuminate and change.


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