Sunday, June 20, 2010

Affect on Spirituality on Control

Before Radio and Television one of the best forms of control was through religion which communicated what is acceptable ways to conduct your life.

What i find interesting is how there is less spirituality in peoples lives there maybe more religion but going to church and taking part in social activities of church does not necessary mean have an understanding of spirituality of religion. In my experience spiritual people are a small fraction of religious person that I have been in contact with.

I think the biggest benefit that religion has brought progress that I enjoy is the concept of not honesty and this concept of being an important part of person attitude has reached a tipping point in people being dishonest and accepting dishonest actions. But this is another post.

To me their seems to have been a move to discredit religions that are more spiritual then others and discredit spiritual thoughts or ideas.

I think the main reason is that spiritual people are more selfless, honest in their actions and content with the way the their world. This goes against the idea of a good producer which is greedy, competitive and constantly wants more and better things in their lives but more importantly accept dishonest actions.

One interesting thing when looking at wiki definition of spirituality it doesn't match my understanding of spirituality so definition of the term seems to be changing to more generic term. Language defines the way you thing and what you can think about so changing the meanings of word to me is the best way of control.


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