Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to handle contradicting ideas that are considered true

As mentioned in the previous post their is an uncomfortable feeling when you understand that you have two contradicting ideas that you think are true. For me the best way to handle this problem is to try and get more facts concerning the ideas to try and work work which idea is the the more correct one. That will be the one that considered true until new facts come up to prove otherwise.

Below is a list contradictory ideas
  1. Democratic party represents majority of my ideas and beliefs while the republican party is against those ideas.
  2. Bother Democractic and Republic parties follow the same master and differ in small details

  1. The use of Deficit spending is a good way of budgeting and assisting economy
  2. Deficits will have to be in the end paid by something so in the future their will be trouble

  1. The IMF assists countries in by giving loans and assistance to develop countries
  2. The loans and asisstance from IMF makes government more susceptable to follow IMF polices and created debt for this countries

  1. The US Supreme court is to interprate the constitution in settling disputes and interpreting the law
  2. The US Supreme court is to ensure the safety/production of the TPTB

  1. Obama is a Socialist and bring socialist policies to US
  2. Of the developed countries the US is rated new the bottom in terms of Social Services and the most in terms of Income Distribution. Obama's policies are significantly changing these rankings

This blog will flesh these and more contradictory ideas going forward where the main purpose is to give more facts to the main contradictory ideas that are having a negative affect on the world


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