Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why is anxiety and depression symptoms of celiac Disease

In this post will answer why I think anxiety and depression are symptoms of celiac candida disease. There are two issues one is in terms of biology i.e not getting the right nutrients in the body and the second is psychological in term so your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong which is causing anxiety and depression.

One of the symptoms of celiac candida IBS disease is that it creates a situation in the gut that makes it very hard to absorb nutrients. So what happens is that vitamins and nutrients that are needed are not being absorbed into body in the needed quantites and for me i did not have enough B12 vitamins which is important vitamin in the brain i.e neuropathy.

So if the brain is wasting away it will affect the way you are thinking and may cause biological affects of anxiety and depression

What I thing though is that anxiety and depression is really your subconscious trying to tell your ego that their something with your body that needs to be fixed. So being worried/depressed and not sure why of for small reasons.

So there is a two prong attack to addressing anxiety and depression first you have give the body the building block to rebuild the parts that are diseased and the second is to think about what is actually causing the disease and what parts of the body are diseased so you know exactly what you body is trying to tell you.

But how can you get b12 when you gut is having problems absorbing nutrients for me there are two issue first is getting the gut to be able to absorb nutrients better and the second is to get b12 to the brain and the rest of the body. In terms fixing the gut best way is to have more good bacteria their which i recommend cabbage juice and take b12 supplements sublingual which means take b12 crushed pill under your tongue

So there are my answers, no double blind studies just what I gathered from my experience in trying to find solutions to problems that my body and subconscious was giving me.


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