Monday, June 28, 2010

url removed from Google Index

For the last week i have been trying to get this link indexed in Google. It seems the url has been removed from the Google Index as I originally saw the link listed in the first day.

One of my main reasons that I have not posted for a long time beside the coup was I got sick in 2007 and actually found a home cure for my sickness on the internet. So for me this is actually one of the best posts that I have ever done because it can give be of real value to people and I believe the diets and techniques in improving the immune system actually work and I am the proof. I have read about the "over optimization penalty" which could be a reason but I actually think something else happened which I am still not sure of. The interesting thing though is if I search using Google blog search the post is number one

Any help would be appreciated?


Anonymous George said...

Amazing the URL is now indexed still not sure why though

6:46 am  

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