Monday, June 28, 2010

World Where to For Now

Whats the use of writing posts of doom and gloom without a way forward this is my first draft of a way forward in getting out of the current mess we are in. Its probably a bit crazy but we are living in a crazy world so what is sane.

I think a lot of things happen for a reason so I think my sickness and then finding a way out of it can be used as a method for our future direction. The main technique was a strict diet of no sugar and wheat to get rid of all the toxins in body and using multiple ways of rebuilding the immune system.

In terms of the world I see the main toxins are debt, fiat currency, dishonesty and pollution where the disease is the TPTB.

Like my disease that needed sugar and wheat for the disease to spread and grow we need to remove all toxins from the body in a strict diet which will take many years and it will be boring, difficult and painful. This means moving away from fiat currency, no more deficit spending, bring back honesty as an important part of life and start looking at more green solutions.

As part of my treatment I took antifungal treatment which caused major issues and there were times where I worried I wouldn't wake up in the morning and you will have major cravings. The TPTB will not lie down and wither away once going on the diet and the hardest thing is sticking to the diet.

Diet is only one part in fighting the disease the other part is in rebuilding the immune system which means eating stuff that are building blocks for the the immune system and things that attack the disease.

For me the immune system is like awareness of what is actually happening around us. As the more aware people are to the reality that is around them the harder it is for TPTB to be able to control the people for their own needs. Only a small number of people will be able to become self aware the rest will have to follow the media's lead. So a whole revamp of media organisations is needed in terms ownership and honesty in reporting. There should be severe consequences for dishonest reports but to me the key for the majority of people to become aware of whats happening around the has to be the media.

I also took vitamin C, B12 and Zinc to attack disorder that had from disease. B12 for the nervous system which to me is like Honesty, Zinc is for adrenaline and relates to Fear and finally Vitamin C which relate to addressing pollution.

One good meme from religious organisations was the moral teachings of honesty and as religious organisation have been attacked or changed to something totally different the moral value of honesty. As without trust you don't have a cohesive society. To make honesty an important trait again then it will again depend on the media and education to change this moral value.

Fear is being used to divide and rule many different classes, races, cliches etc. People are now even afraid to speak the truth as its not political correct etc. Again media, education have an important role. I think the biggest problem is that people are afraid to die, lose their love ones, lose their possessions etc. Life is hard and sometimes bad things happen just have to get over it and move on.

In terms of addressing pollution, just have to understand that having a healthy environment is more important then jobs and again its up to media, education and maybe religion because the key is for people to understand that world doesn't revolve around them but they are part of a bigger being so sometimes self sacrifice is needed.

In my example I will say that TPTB is Candida which is needed in a healthy body but with bad diet and the over use of antibiotics can get out of hand and have many different symptoms

The problem is that TPTB has gotten to big and is taking over the body and severely weakening the immune system. In this analogy it means that population are become less aware of whats happening, more craving for consumer goods and services that meet the major needs of a person i.e food, sex, violence, highs

So now we are starving TPTB by the population understanding more of whats happening around them so less influnced, living withing your means which means less spending on goods and services. The environment is cleaner which means healthier lifestyle.

Honesty and trust becomes an important trait which means that people trust authority, organisations and each other. Fear is more reality based instead of perception based and again people understand the importance of environment and will sacrifice accordingly.

The above sounds all utopian and probably impossible to action but the key to my diet was taking cabbage juice which has a lot of good bacteria to address the imbalance of bad bacteria in the Gut.

In this analogy Bad bacteria is the current TPTB which is killing the body but they don't know or don't care. What needs to happen is to infuse the gut with good bacteria.

Now this is the most important part of the solution otherwise this solution wont work this means Honest, self aware people that want to have a healthy environment need to
  • Be elected to Boards of Major Companies
  • Become the trusted source of the media
  • Become members and vote in people into positions of power in organisations
  • Try and wake up people to what is happening to the world
  • Don't be afraid to take on TPTB and accept there is a good chance you will fail and have bad consequences in trying
  • Become active members of political organisations e.g AIPAC
  • Call out dishonest actions and expect consequences for those dishonest actions
  • Have affect on curriculum being taught in education
  • Promote concept of language skills not 140 character limit messaging

Good Bacteria can only be affective if it overwhelms the Bad bacteria in terms of numbers so the more people the better.

In my post about my cure one of the most important things I wrote was the following
You also have to believe, when eating and doing the cure you will need to think in your head how all the things you are doing are attacking all toxins in body and increasing your defenses. It was a fight between me and my body and I really wanted to win. This is really important especially when your family think you are crazy for drinking cabbage juice.

The same will be for the people taking on TPTB we have to believe in what we are going to do and that we are going to win even though our peers and family think we are crazy.


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