Thursday, January 26, 2012

First post for 2012

Stopped posting for awhile and have taken the blue pill as its more fun killing dragons in skyrim then it is worrying about how the world is turning to shit.

Starting to get a reality check as kids have to start school next week and it looks like silver is making a major move upwards. Bought over some more cash so will make some more purchases soon. The spot price doesn't really bother me anymore as after MFGlobal the TPTB just just playing with themselves with paper prices. Just buying physical silver.

What motivated me to post is the only thing connecting me to the Red Pill is me following Ron Paul. The republican primary really show me how screwed we going forward. When conservatives chose Gingrich to be the leader. How is a person who has not been able to manage three marriages able to manage the most powerful country. I think the TPTB have chosen Obama buy the actions of the contendors. Reality is that Ron Paul is the only real competition but TPTB won't let him win.

There are now different levels of people the people who understand which means they recommend Ron Paul or the people that are still ignorant or reality facing us. Its really that simple now and if they are paid to say otherwise then that is worse.

I know I still have a lot to learn but what is happening to us but it is amazing how the TPTB have kept so many people distracted for an understanding of what is happening to them.

I have lost faith in Obama, I thought he would do the right thing for his daughters and maybe he is because I don't have all the information that he has.  But it sure doesn't look like it from here.

Sometimes I think I may be deluded and just getting reinforcing information from sources like Zero Hedge and Turd. I was totally wrong about Apple when majority of my points are still valid. I think I could be a few years out which means that call was totally off but not as bad as Vince Young call.

I pride myself in being able to predict stuff and getting first four in Melbourne Cup gave me confidence again. Totally positive that physical silver prices will blow out just don't know when. I though the financial reset in which I think it is already happening its just that its taking a long time to happen. like the van falling of the bridge in inception. But what layer are we in now.

Okay rambling finished, this was a good exercise for me to get back to reality.

I don't believe that electing Ron Paul will solve the worlds problems but at least he admits to understanding the problem. Amazing I can't see it being solved as the main factor is attitudes of people that need to changed and I can't see that happening unless there is a major disturbance to their reality.

Only way it can be solved is live simply that others may simply live. I am not even sure that I am willing to do that.


Blogger Frank Hark said...

I am a Ron Paulite as well. We really are ignore the fundamental flaws of our system. What is worst is how ignorant most people are and how slanted the system is. I say this not a as critic, but as someone who ignored economic theory (I am an aerospace engineer with a specialty in reliability theory). The interesting thing is how many younger people are well informed- I met a group of twenty-somethings who are dedicated Paulites. I am 37.

Most of my oldest friends (those I have known the longest not actual age) are almost completely ignorant, especially about the Federal Reserve.

I agree with you and I think things will change, I just can't predict when.

final note: I too have been wasting time with Skyrim. That game is awesome! I put together a reformated potion ingredient with effects list to help with alchemy skill.

Thanks for the post.

6:31 pm  

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